Tuna Marine challenged The Marketing Centre to help them turn around a 20% market share decline year on year, in only four months.

TUNA MARINE – an increase in market share of 35% over only four months!


Tuna Marine is a retail brand selling olives, with distribution through Shoprite Checkers, Spar and Pick n Pay. When we started working with Tuna Marine, their brand was second in the market to the dominant brand, Buffet.


Their market share had reduced by 20% year on year and this trend looked set to continue unless drastic action was taken, but they didn’t feel they had the in-house skills to identify, drive and achieve those changes.


The Marketing Centre was retained on for a three month contract to assist the company to identify and implement a strategy that would turn this downward trend around.


Our starting point was to undertake research to identify the most critical areas of focus, and this resulted in the following findings:


  • Merchandising and in-store management were both neglected
  • A lack of inbound customer marketing to attract customers to their brand
  • Unclear unique selling proposition for the brand
  • Packaging and innovation opportunities were identified
  • We identified further opportunities to develop the Spar group as a distribution channel


The Marketing team took on the responsibility of managing the outsourced supplier, the merchandising and also the sales distribution as part of an integrated strategy incorporating all five of the above points.


The Marketing Centre was retained for an additional month in order to integrate the strategy, resulting in an increase in market share of 35% over those four months.


The resulting success was that Tuna Marine were able to sell the business to Mediterranean Foods for a higher price than previously anticipated and we parted ways with a sense of pride in what had been accomplished in a very short space of time.