Robert made a real difference, bringing a fresh perspective, structure and predictability to our business generation.

Even though it`s a part time engagement he has kept us focused and accountable for the things we needed to do to develop our business.

Don Fuller, founder of CotoCo

Cotoco is a sales performance consultancy, building salesforce confidence in selling complex products by capturing what works for experts and making it easy for everyone to adopt.

The Marketing Centre was asked to help this small business build scale and revenue. This task would succeed by understanding precisely which market segments fitted their product and service, who exactly to sell to and how to adjust the messaging to fit these segments. A pipeline management process would then need to be built to add new prospects and manage them through the sales process.

Through a series of short focused workshops, The Marketing Centre helped Cotoco to focus on high growth technology companies and professional services firms. The website was refocused, with case studies added to address the target segments. Finally a structured social media and email marketing campaign added new prospects into the sales funnel.