Ingenuit is a business that had developed software solutions combined with a warehousing and delivery services for businesses to manage their operation stock. Although the company had successfully implemented a number of functional business processes it struggled to find the market traction for its product and service offering, despite the efforts of its very dedicated and motivated team.

The Solution

The company realized that it lacked the internal skills to address the problem and decided to appoint The Marketing Centre to assist the company with the development of a “go to market” strategy. The company was allocated on a fixed term basis a qualified and registered marketing practitioner who first reviewed and evaluated the business and then put a plan together which focused on the following key issues:

  • The online presence
  • Product offering and pricing strategy
  • The value proposition
  • Segmentation and strategic sales planning
  • Key account management and its implementation
  • Reputational and brand management strategy/implementation


Our products were properly segregated and our value proposition and pricing models looked at so that we could get some ‘Quick Wins’ which we desperately needed. With this in place we were able to secure two new clients of significant size within a short time frame. [3 months, Increased turnover by some 30%]

What I really appreciated was that they took our budget into account and worked with us with a view to both growing from the opportunities. Secondly they got us to relook at our strategy and realign our business. The results were a split into two companies and a rebrand of the business to better communicate our updated value proposition to potential new clients as well as existing clients

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Their skill sets and values have had a major impact to our business that we could not done on our own. I have learnt that marketing was not as I previously perceived (Advertising) but rather key strategic thinking that incorporates business strategy, finance, human resources, sales and much more. I would highly recommend The Marketing Centre as a key partner to any business.