Marvellous people, wonderful work, very satisfied.

Oil Spill Response Ltd.

Oil Spill Response Ltd is a specialist supplier of oil spill response and preparedness services to the global oil industry.

As a membership based industry cooperative, Oil Spill Response seeks to provide a range of services  required by its 120 members.   By understanding which members, and from which regions, utilized each of the services, Oil Spill Response could maximize and target resources to the service provision, also increasing financial return for its members.

The Marketing Centre completed a structured review of the customer base and market opportunities. They identified several growth segments, and presented a strategy that included a detailed understanding of the business opportunity, 5 year financial forecast, structure, targets, performance measures and marketing plans for implementation. This was approved by the board.

As a result, The Marketing Centre has now been engaged to implement this strategy, including an explicit move to outbound marketing (online and traditional), sales management, CRM, web site development, marketing support and performance measurement. Oil Spill Response are delighted to have such a clear business development plan with metrics in place to monitor its success.