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Diana Andersson

Big biz Experience: Pfizer; MTN

Small biz Experience: Cummins; Rupert & Rothschild




A broad career experience spanning 18 years across agency, consultancy and in-house marketing departments brings a unique combination of practical brand management and strategic planning skills, including a strong organisational tendency, and a combination of realistic marketer filters (cost/sales/logistics) as wells an intimate understanding of the brand and creative development process.


Most recently having specialised in consumer insight research and positioning; as well as design and development of brand metrics for new launches and on-going brand health monitoring.


Key Areas of Expertise


  • Practical, implementable and measurable brand, marketing and communications strategy
  • Consumer, Customer & Stakeholder insight development
  • Market understanding, sales funnel analysis and retail / promotional implementation
  • Brand definition, positioning and management






  • Lead communications strategist on all Pfizer’s consumer brand portfolios, advising a variety of brand managers, international marketers and CMO’s on annual brand plans. Part of the team that grew Centrum to SA’s no. 1 position with an average growth of 25% YOY. Worked with international teams to drive market feasablitiy studies for all new product launches in-country.




  • Led market understanding research, positioning and roll-out plans for all B2B and consumer stakeholders throughout Africa.




  • Led the communications team that rolled out 2010 FIFA World Cup Ayoba campaign, ensuring integration and seemless presentation. Connected the brand to the product through segmented targeting and branded retail strategies.


Gauteng Film Comission


  • Lead the re-positioning of the brand and developed the entrench programme with key stakeholders.

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