• Focus on reactive selling
  • No knowledge of who the end user of their products were
  • No research
  • Flighting of monthly “consumer style” ads in trade journals
  • No segmentation of customers
  • Customer rating of 1/5 for marketing “Very dissatisfied” customer base
  • Very product focussed
  • Direct sales only
  • No sales management function
  • High risk as >70% of branch sales in each of the two major branches went through 1 sales rep
  • Front counter had no products, and no indication of their range



Through a very carefully devised and implemented strategic sales and marketing plan we achieved the following within the first year of engagement

  • Key market segment identified and quantified
  • Monthly targeted and tailored communication to each of the various market segments
  • Monthly segment-targeted B2B advertorial and editorials targeting specific segments
  • Monthly engagement with key end users in our “ask for it by name” campaign resulting in the client’s brand being specifically requested 87% more often than in the previous year
  • Spread of sales across a number of sales reps to decrease the risk to client
  • Development of key USP’s for the brand to move focus from product to brand



Through these and other interventions we have achieved the following outcomes for our client

  • 87% increase in specific brand requested
  • Client rating for “Marketing” up from 1/5 to 4/5 in first year
  • Industry recognition for marketing improvement over the past year BUT ULTIMATELY, THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS IS THE BOTTOM LINE
  • 312% more interaction with our key client segments
  • 47% increase in turnover in these segments